Wainstones Brewery for North Yorkshire Beer

Wainstone Brewery's Beers

All our beers are handcrafted for quality.


Wainstones AmberWainstone Brewery Amber - 3.8% ABV


A light and golden beer ideal for a summers day refreshment or an equally good accompaniment for a meal out.


Wainstones SandstoneWainstone Brewery Sandstone - 4.0% ABV


A good all-rounder, brewed with dedication and patience.


Wainstones IronstoneWainstone Brewery Ironstone - 4.2% ABV


Our flagship, at 4.2% our brewing comes to the fore with a complex mix of malts, hops and conditioning. One to look out for.


Wainstones JetWainstone Brewery Jet - 4.5% ABV


Our porter, for the enthusiasts or even a first-time taster, an end of the year delight.

The wainstones
Stokesley Brewing Co

Unit 9
Terry Dicken Industrial Estate
Station Road
North Yorkshire

John Toovey: 07885 240226

Stuart Toovey: 07503 489179



The Wainstones

A view of the Wainstones, North Yorkshire


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